Evolving IP Networks for the Networked Society

Sponsors: Ericsson
Host: Aditya Kishore, Senior Analyst - Heavy Reading
Featured Presenters: Bala Thekkedath, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Ericsson Silicon Valley
Date: 09-08-2012
Time: 14:00 India Time // 16:30 Hong Kong, Singapore

The prospect of ubiquitous connectivity and the advance of digital content into mobile phones, tablets and living rooms have raised the bar on consumer expectations. Mobility puts unique requirements on the back end and core networks. Today users expect personalized service from their service providers; they expect their network to be smart enough to recognize the type of device and the access medium on which they are consuming content and offer the same personalized service and quality assurances regardless. The 4th Generation of IP Networking seeks to offer sustainable operator differentiation by delivering a platform that enables service innovation and enables considerable reduction in capital and operating expenses through the convergence of IP and transport.

The webinar seeks to discuss relevant operator concerns:
• Why do today’s networks need to evolve?
• What are the industry macro trends in terms of traffic growth, type and subscriber behaviour?
• How are smart networks evolving traditional business models
• How is mobility changing the requirements on the backhaul and core networks

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