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IndiaWatch: Alcatel-Lucent To Cut 1,000 Jobs In India


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IndiaWatch: Alcatel-Lucent To Cut 1,000 Jobs In India

Tuesday October 16, 2012 12:27:47 PM

So isn't this interesting ?? How many of the readers read the comments !!! Probably this should come out as a separate article !!! :-)   Cut Employees ??? Some sort of butcher shop !!    

IndiaWatch: Alcatel-Lucent To Cut 1,000 Jobs In India

Tuesday October 16, 2012 12:24:42 PM

Paying from Web is a different aspect altogether .. you can do it ... you have the app as well which you can use for self care !!   But the question is paying bills in Airtel outlets !! Try paying your NCR bill at Chennai Airtel Outlet for LANDLINE or DSL ... and you will know !! And this is not '90s... this is 21st Century experience !!!   That will help you realize how discconnected the backend systems of Airtel Fixed and Airtel Mobile are .. Face the reality - Today they are different companies and different systems ... One Airtel is a myth !!
Alcatel Lucent issued a press statement post the job cut story in the media. Here is the entire press statement: “We were concerned to see stories in the press today saying that Alcatel-Lucent has plans to cut 1000 employees in India. Alcatel-Lucent has made no announcements yet on where headcount reductions will occur around the world as part of The Performance Program.   The only statement we have made on this topic is that issued on July 26th in which said that we would reduce our global headcount by around 5,000 people across all geographies. As said at the time we will not comment further until we have completed legally-required consultation with workers’ representatives in a number countries where we are legally required to do so.   India is an important research and development center and market for Alcatel-Lucent globally. Our commitment to building India’s broadband infrastructure remains unchanged.”
Of course you can pay your Airtel bills anywhere. And are you serious - going to some outlet for the payment of bills - that happened in 1990's ! Just register for the "self care", register all your Airtel landline/mobile/ DTH connections, across India, and pay bills there only. No need to leave your couch at all !
For AlcaLu Just job cuts are not good enough .. neither for the company, nor for the Industry. However sizing, and right sizing for that matter, is very essential in these changing and trying times. If this is towards right sizing - then lean and mean is the right attitude   For Airtel Has the One Airtel really happened !? I still cant pay my Landline bill and Mobile bill together !! Can I pay my Bangalore Land Line Bill at an outlet in Delhi ?????

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