Managing IPv4 Depletion While Embracing IPv6

Sponsors: F5 Networks
Host: Jim Hodges, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading
Featured Presenters: Satish Nair, Senior Manager of Systems Engineering, India and SAARC, F5 Networks
Boonchareon Chong, Global Solution Architect, Service Provider, Asia Pacific, F5 Networks
Date: 14-12-2012
Time: 14:00 India Time // 16:30 Hong Kong, Singapore

While no one questions the need to support IPv6 addressing, managing the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is a complex task for network operators. Accordingly, in this webinar we will examine how vendors such as F5 are assisting network operators to meet their technical and opex related challenges by releasing more powerful multi-service platforms which support an enhanced suite of features to ensure seamless interworking between IPv6 and IPv4 domains, thereby providing network operators with a flexible IPv6 transition path. Specifically, the webinar will include a number of use cases which capture the value propositions associated with multi-service platforms which integrate a rich suite of policy control scripting rules, enhanced scalability metrics, superior and customizable high-speed logging capabilities and the ability to integrate functions such as traffic steering/management, CGNAT/IPv6 and security functions on a single platform.  Sponsors: F5 Networks

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