IPv6 Transition & Deployment Strategies – Lessons from the Trenches

Sponsors: Cisco
Host: Gagandeep Kaur, Editor, Light Reading India
Featured Presenters: Shibashis Sen, Sr. Manager Advanced Services, Cisco Systems
Puravi Rajan Chetti, Solutions Architect, Advanced Services, Cisco Systems
Date: 21-03-2013
Time: 14:00 India Time // 17:30 Hong Kong, Singapore

As enterprises and service providers embrace new business adjacencies, IPv6 enablement is becoming a strategic imperative for both. In addition to depletion of IPv4 addresses posing a real threat to business expansion and continuity, IPv6 adoption has been shown to demonstrate significant advantages in leveraging the network as an asset (such as easier administration, Quality of Service etc).

This webinar will focus on proven deployment strategies, from networks of both enterprises and service providers worldwide, on planning, transition and integration of IPv6 into the network (Core to Edge or Edge to Core, Internet edge) and considerations on which approach yields maximum long term mileage from an end-to-end perspective.

In addition, the webinar will also address specific industry verticals, such as utilities, retail, where IPv6 can become a key success enabler for the business to benefit from “Internet of Everything”.

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