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Airtel’s Wall Of Pride

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Airtel’s Wall Of Pride

Monday December 17, 2012 05:35:54 AM

The customer's experience has not changed. Service experience is one, and experience on the care is other. Even today - if you call up the customer care, it is non intelligent. The pains that you go through is immense. Unless the CC agent is able to correlate and advise creatively, or rather intelligently, a CEM Office, SOC etcs are only NOC

Airtel’s Wall Of Pride

Thursday December 13, 2012 07:39:41 AM

reliance wall is just 2520 sq feet. this is 3600 sq. feet. http://www.smwllc.com/projects/byspeciality/network-emergency-operation.html?sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid=76&sobi2Id=196 Also this is a network experience centre not a noc. Airtel is the first operator in india to have a nationwide customer experience management solution. so it is a decade earlier than other operators not late... :)

Airtel’s Wall Of Pride

Thursday December 13, 2012 03:47:35 AM

Reliance Infocomm (now Reliance Communications) had a much bigger and massive wall/screen/space/NOC/NNOC 10 years back around the same time ! Isn't this a decade late ?

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