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Is There A Conspiracy To Kill Aakash

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Is There A Conspiracy To Kill <i>Aakash</i>

Tuesday November 27, 2012 04:55:47 AM

I think it may be a voice in the wilderness today,but needs careful attention.The high tech manufacturers competitiveness and survival nowadays is in innovative,design,infrastructure,smart capex and lean assembly and testing lines.On top of this producing and supplying in India has many " Public Procurement" related hazards.Probably today all this can be achieved through extension of a PSU sponsored Strategic business unit.Leveraging of land,expertise and design team plus advantage of PSU frontending in public procurement will be there.Vishnu Goel T&amp;M +919810101238

Is There A Conspiracy To Kill <i>Aakash</i>


Tuesday November 27, 2012 04:54:37 AM

interesting read.....why when we develop things take it ahead, we have people who want to stop the growth, it is beyond me.

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