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CEM: The Road Ahead


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CEM: The Road Ahead

Monday August 27, 2012 02:22:07 AM

Well, a true CEM solution will not only empower the CSR to handle the call better but also equip the IVR, PoS, website and every customer facing channel with real time customer intelligence.   The way I look at Customer Experience is a 2 step process:   Step 1: real time data gathering = Track in real-time what is network activity of the subscriber (e.g. downloading, call drops, long data session, roaming, bla bla...)   Step 2: Take real time action based on real time activity (e.g. apologize for call drops, or, upsell a roamers plan when on roaming etc etc)   empowering the CSR is nothing real time  to be honest, because you expect the customer (let’s say who is facing a network issue) to call the IVR.... go through the stupid menu.... wait for the rep and by that time the customer is already pissed.....   Such a customer should be sent an SMS with network outage.. etc.. right away. And that is what differentiates a great operator from a good operator.   For STEP 1 we have NSN, Ericsson, may be IBM or HP but for STEP 2 we need someone who can take real time decisioning/actions, must be architectured to process thousands of transactions per second, not like Oracle or Amdocs or Tekelec who are mostly known for batch based database/billing stuff. NSN failure at Airtel unfortunately is largely attributed to this actioning/decisioning part   This STEP 2 space is still evolving and there are some new entrants in the market that operators are secretely talking to and closly watching, they have references and are proven for such actioning and in such conditions (multi million prepaid subs)   One thing is sure, whoever takes care of combining STEP 1 + STEP 2 first will take a giant, giant leap as customer experience is the next battleground, not just in India but worldwide.  

CEM: The Road Ahead

Thursday August 23, 2012 12:01:47 PM

Indeed NSN has a viable CEM solution and hence the company is focusing on (a) Mobile Broadband (b) Customer Experience Management, from the whole army of products, solutions and services that they used to initially .... They have forged partnerships in areas other than (a) and (b). We all know for sure that NSN positions Cisco in the IP space. Though not to comment on individual solutions for CEM, as this is not the forum - My views on Bharti's CEM deployment was as a consumer/customer/subscriber. I have been using Airtel for the past 7 years now and I dont see an iota of difference in the customer service as to what it was 2 yrs back, to what it is now. One important aspect of CEM is to have a simplified and proactive Customer care engagement - as CEM as a platform orchestrates your network and service and CRM and CC. And provide that intelligence to the CSR factory ... However, that does not seem to be the case. Whatever the customer may say .. whatever the solution be .. unless it translates to better experience (not in terms of service, but in terms of service experience across its lifecycle and ecosystem).. It is a failure.. My intent was to define NSN CEM for Bharti Airtel as a failure.. Not NSN CEM as a product or solution ...  

CEM: The Road Ahead

Thursday August 23, 2012 08:59:53 AM

Nokia Siemens Networks is one of the world’s leading CEM vendors with a wide offering that brings together pre-integrated software and related professional services across the network, IT and the entire customer lifecycle. Operators across the globe are already using our CEM tools to improve their customers’ experience. That's why even our customer commented -  “The implementation of CEM is an added impetus to our constant endeavor of offering best in class service experience to our customers across GSM, EDGE and 3G networks. It will enable us to identify the root cause of a problem and rectify the same before the subscriber experiences any impairment in service delivery. This will clearly help us maintain an edge in the mobile broadband arena.”  Watch the video by clicking here to listen to what a Nokia Siemens Networks' CEM customer has to say about the deployment. 

CEM: The Road Ahead

Thursday August 23, 2012 08:31:05 AM

Thanks IP4g. We will add Ericsson and IBM in this report. I agree that CEM can make a significant difference. Over a period of time all serious operators would need to adopt some version of this. I know for a fact that Idea is close to deploying CEM... Bharti had in fact launched converged billing few years back but didnt see significant uptake: http://www.lightreading.in/document.asp?doc_id=212988

CEM: The Road Ahead

Thursday August 23, 2012 06:08:11 AM

Would be a good list if Ericsson and IBM can make it to the Index.. Not sure whether Comptel can fit in the bill as a CEM solution. The country population is 1.24 Billion and not 1 Billion .. Coz 934.09 million subs against 1 Billion then gives a wrong perception of the density ... Are customer acquisition and retention the only parameters to define the Customer experience .. Not so... There are other factors - especially things like AHT with a CSR.. Service Experience.. and so on. Customer Care and Retail outlet handling is one important aspect. We talk of Intelligent Call Center, but then how many of us have really faced it or experienced it. Except for places like Just Dial and Cab Service, how many of the other CSRs really recognize the user when they call. None ... and None in Telco CSR case.. These are some small baby steps to be made on an yesterday basis ! The real output of the good example would be to see the results and output of having the Bharti CEM .. I for one ( being a Bharti Airtel user across Mobile, BB, DTH) have not seen one visible improvement in the customer experience... I still have to go through numerous rounds of hold and unhold with their CSRs before I get some advice.. and, god forbid, if it gets escalated - Then I end up repeating the same set of details to the next person who handles the call.. This is the frustrating part of it .. Clearly there is a huge disconnect between three category of service - Mobile, BB and DTH. NSN's CEM has clearly been a Failed Program in this case, for Bharti Airtel. They could help with a single CEM which can do atleast Mobile and BB.. Bharti should look to transform drastically on how they serve their customers... They atleast earn 4K/month from me .. It could help them to bundle the service, bill, CSRs etc .. Wow - What a life it would be !! Since none of the other Telco have a CEM implementation, there is nothing much to comment on how it could bring benefits. However a true CEM solution can do wonders, as the scope and potential room for improvement is a million + sq ft .. btw - what is a VAP in Huawei Smart care ? I dont think Tekelec and Amdocs have a true CEM solution either... Instead you should look at putting HP, IBM and other SPIT guys in the list along with Arantech, AlcaLu, Ericsson/Telcordia.

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