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Qualcomm's Mantra For LTE Success

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Qualcomm's <i>Mantra </i> For LTE Success

Thursday December 13, 2012 05:37:37 AM

yes true the price has to come down. but at the same time the applications and content also have to be there which is currently missing. Being a greenfield operator in a new technology RIL has to develop its own&nbsp;ecosystem. It will be some time&nbsp;before the technology picks up...

Qualcomm's <i>Mantra </i> For LTE Success

Tuesday December 11, 2012 06:26:09 AM

Those are shouting data is the future, are wrong, very wrong. The data revolution is waiting to see the break the price barrier. Be it 3G or LTE or EVDO the data price has be more and more affordable. Basic internet - social networking, mailing, mp3 downloading can be done on 2G also. 3G/4G has to be cheaper to enter mass market. RIL Infotel is on right path, it is creating own ecosystem. But if they spent huge on this, they can not offer cheaper data to consumers. Operators must not always think about break even.

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