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NSN Signals A Pause In The Indian Telecom Growth

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Yes, many analysts are skeptical if managed services business can bring great returns to telcos in the years to come. What is required is to innovate and come up with new models to drive the growth.

NSN Signals A Pause In The Indian Telecom Growth

Thursday November 08, 2012 02:38:08 AM

All the telecom vendors - NSN, Ericsson, Huawei , ALU had in fact shifted their focus to Managed Services as their growth engine . However as the MS Contracts pricings have got lower & lower while the SLAs getting highere & higher that dream perhaps got busted .Managed Services not yielding the same kind of financial gains as was touted has made all Vendors situp & take notice . So, NSN has been pretty honest in admitting the India market to be a mature market

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