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SMS Spam: More Action Required

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SMS Spam: More Action Required

Friday November 09, 2012 01:54:25 AM

  It's usually available for MO and MT flows. And depending on the function and the operator environment, the box is used as a personalization server for performing these functions (interfacing with existing SMSCs via standard API). Under certan circumstances, the box could be placed so that it intercepts the SMS traffic before it hits the existing SMSC.   The investment would similar to standard VAS systems and is based on traffic, functions/feature set,  etc.  

SMS Spam: More Action Required

Friday November 09, 2012 01:01:51 AM

And how exactly does this solution work? What is the kind of investment required?

SMS Spam: More Action Required

Thursday November 08, 2012 23:46:27 PM

There are VAS systems that TeleDNA offers that are intelligent enough to detect spam by considering various criteria - address, content, signature, time, etc. and these platforms have been deployed and are operational.  The security suite that TRAI/DoT mandates need to be much wider in scope. For example, some of the safeguards that TelDNA's Telecom Regulatory Compliance (TRC) suite include control of virus, spam, flood, spoof, phishing, content-based filtering, sourced from domestic and international numbers, etc.   

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