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NSN's CEM Strategy For Growth

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NSN's CEM Strategy For Growth

Tuesday July 24, 2012 07:41:31 AM

Hi, I had got this information from a reliable source but a second round of enquiry reveals that I was wrong. Apparently NSN is in talks with Idea and TTSL for CEM but it is yet to be signed. Thanks for being vigilant and letting us know the error. Our aim is to give out accurate information and readers like you help us in fulfilling this... Gagan

NSN's CEM Strategy For Growth

Tuesday July 24, 2012 06:39:37 AM

It is pretty interesting to see that there is a mention of NSN deploying for Idea and tata alike.. Its a pretty nasty statement to make especially for the competition and the customer (Tata and Idea) themselves, when such a stuff has not happened. A correction to the article would help the Industry as such !!! "It will also be deploying CEM at Idea Cellular Ltd. and Tata Teleservices Ltd" This is a very contentious and proviking statement which comes without any supporting announcement from either of them. CEM is a highly competitive market with players like IBM, Amdocs, Arantec, Telecordia/Ericsson, AlcaLu, NSN, IBM and hordes of other such competitive offering available in the Industry.

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