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India Set for Fibre Fever


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India Set for Fibre Fever

Tuesday July 03, 2012 02:49:12 AM

This is one more scheme hatched by bureaucrats who do not know ground realities. Just by putting a lot of money on th etable, you do not create a network. Fiber reaching out to the village ?  Have these people tried it out anywhere ? In the mountains, in the riverside villages? How long it takes, and how difficult it is to reach out to remote locations, construct and maintain equipment is something they need to understand.   Also, this is one more scheme where the Governemnt is the owner, designer, executor . No private industry involved. No thought for WHAT you wnat to or can deliver on this fiber. USer inputs ? Nil. Granting that you need high speed connections everywhere, fiber is not the best way. last mile (here last few KM) can be efficiently, cheaply delivered far faster and chaeaper than fiber. This reminds me of other , high moral ground plans of Government that ended in disaster or failure: VPTs that don't work; NII; various USO plans that have stayed on paper; SWAN; CSC; C-DOT exchanges....Too many. Even the replacement of Defence Spectrum by a Fiber network has not yet happened, in spite of its urgency. One  needs a wholistic approach to rural & semi-rural coverage. That means delivery of services, transport equipment, terminal devices, 24x7 power, OSS, Data Centers, High capacity Internet access. Without this, the fiber will just be a piece of plastic. End of the day, the only people who will benefit will be the equipment vendors and the bureaucrats who can write annual reports on project progress. (Of course, also USO, relieved that some of the huge amount of money lying uselessly has been spent)        

India Set for Fibre Fever

Monday July 02, 2012 06:07:11 AM

Indeed the global GPON market is very competitive - I picked out Alphion and Ericsson as examples as they have already won GPON business in India in recent years. I do think, though, that domestic Indian vendors are going to dominate this project given the preference stated in the National Telecom Policy for local sourcing of equipment.

India Set for Fibre Fever

Friday June 29, 2012 07:27:03 AM

GPON/FTTH market is quite competitive space with vendors including Adtran, AlcaLu, Calix, ECI, Ericsson, Huawei, Iskratel, Keymile, Zhone, ZTE, Zyxel among others. So it would not be restricted to Alphion and E/// along. Numerous sources had pointed to the news that Ericsson plans to exit the Fixed Access business by 2012, which btw probably includes GPON as well.

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