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Connectiva to Be Acquired


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Connectiva to Be Acquired


Friday June 01, 2012 06:33:43 AM

Hi, I am one of the employees of Connectiva who loved to work there but had to leave due to many issues. I think you should always check your facts before reporting. Hope you did this although I find some of the stuff hard to believe as Connectiva was always competitive when I worked there even until December 2011 although I never gave it a chance to actually survive and get through this period. From what I have heard through my friends who are still there, some of the information mentioned in this article are accurate, but there are some inaccuracies that I would like to point out. There is indeed a blog, supposedly by ex employees venting their anger, but in reality they are only few people who has someother agenda and most of us are quite unhappy with the content and are trying to find out the author/owner for using our names without our permission and making allegations that are not shared by most of us. In fact quite a few of our brave friends stuck it out with the company through its crisis. I left only because I didn't give it a chance and the pressure was getting to me. People can easily blame management and rest of our friends there but at the end of the day we better recognize the what an effort that has put up by these guys to save what is truly a great company. I hope the sale deal is true and Connectiva revives its glory as even though I am outside I don't agree with the article that we couldn't compete as while all RA companies were in trouble (cVidya never made any profits and Subex had no cash reserves or still going under) we won head to head against all of them. I believe we had the best product and team in the industry. The Olista acquisition was a disaster and I think we were a very good company before that.

Connectiva to Be Acquired


Thursday May 31, 2012 04:04:35 AM

Many former employees of Connectiva are waiting for more than 7 Months now to be paid and still wondering if that is ever going to happen. Avi Basu cheated many hard working people by promissing them everything and producing nothing. Actually he belongs behind bars

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