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Tulip Shares Turnaround Strategy


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Tulip Shares Turnaround Strategy

Sunday December 02, 2012 12:07:43 PM

Dear Mr Bedi(Jr), please clarify the following, (based on your interview questions) 1. FCCB issue :- You have been endeavouring to pay since september 2012, every time you qoute the amount needs to be arranged varies. please stick to a number. 2.Non payment of employees :- which macro economics are you consistently talking about. which 245 cr loan have you paid. As you said employees have been taken in to confidence. do you mean that they have agreed to bear with you the delays in the salary. the ET comments shows a different picture. i do not belive it completely, but there seems to be a gross issue of various nature with the management team. 3. The data center business : 17% has been sold out, out of the projected 1k cr business 170cr should start coming in. can you clarify it in accounts. if this payement is too staggered then it is too miniscule to be accounted for given the sort of overall debt you are facing. why cant you talk about the time framework based cash flow your DC business will generate. Since the structure is not ready and there are hardly any cash flows, on what basis are you thinking if a investor. did you ever evaluate that bangalore was not an ideal place to build such a space.. 4. Last question :- the customers are taking long to pay you, you mean. how many vendors are awaiting payment, can you elaborate. AGAIN WHAT MACRO ECONOMICS. Are you open to a scrutiny of your books by an independent agrncy. Regards    

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