Poor Network Hampering 3G Growth: Study


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actually operators are looking to outsource 3G wifi but it is challenging to find good companies. The problem is that most of the wifi companies are using the operators backhaul. ( If one operator starts to expand 3G network, the others are likely to follow suit. Patchy coverage is preventing many prospective subscribers (like myself) from switching to 3G. bharti, Idea and vodafone are all thinking of [conducting trial] of small cells...( Tariff is of course the key. The current tariffs are too high for mass adoption. Mass adoption is also critical if operators want 3G to be profitable. However besides tariff the devices are also important. operators need to offer 3G devices at prices which are conducive to the mass adoption of the technology... LAst but not the least, I am waiting for a killer application which would make me adopt 3G even at a higher price point...

Poor Network Hampering 3G Growth: Study

Sunday April 01, 2012 10:59:01 AM

The Ericsson report is not surprising. The basic reasons are 5mHz bandwidth, and the fact that Telcos have just rolled out enought meet rollout obligations. The network is really patchy, but the Telcos are unable/unwilling to expand coverage. Also, there is very little in-building coverage. Some solutions: 1. Outsource 3G-WiFi handoff to good companies, and let them build out WiFi meshes at least in dense city concentrations. Every smartphone can access WiFi. 2. Ensure in-building coverage on their own, or again outsource this. There iare plently of people who ae ready to do this on a revenue share basis. 3. Reduce tariff to the extent it becomes attractive, No point in having a network that is not used because it is not attractive.   Lastly, the providers are still stuck with the old ISP mentality of providing Internet connectivity, and hoping for the best. 3G revenue should be based on attractive services, and not on IP bandwidth. There is plently to choose from.

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